Email is Still the Best Way to Reach Prospective Customers

According to, more than 180 billion emails are sent and received every day.
It’s no surprise that billions of communications make their way into and out of emails accounts on a daily basis. Emails are cost effective and immediate. Improvements in software and hardware allow savvy marketers to creatively expand design and education opportunities in emails that conventional marketing simply won’t allow. In fact, it’s estimated that the ROI on emails is $40 per $1 spent.
But that’s no secret. It happens more than 180 billion times each day. So how does your message avoid a virtual junk pile? Keep these tips in mind.

• Simplify your message

An old journalistic rule of thumb required reporters to summarize the entire story in the first twenty five words of any article. Entrepreneur magazine estimates that the average adult can focus on an email for only about 8 seconds. Keep your message on point to best use those 8 seconds wisely. And avoid the use of cliché’s or repeated subject lines.

• Simplify your design

The reduced size of tablets and smart phones present more opportunities to reach your clients immediately, and throughout the day. Although more regular access can minimize the number of competing emails reviewed at any time, it also poses a design issue that must be addressed. Email messages must be easily read from any device. Consider adaptability when making software and design decisions.

• Jazz it up

Animation is readily available in a number of formats. Well-chosen art and animation allows you to quickly convey your message, draw your reader’s attention immediately to relevant information, and stand out from the boring crowd.

• Expand your recipient database

Lists of likely targets can be readily purchased. But you can grow your potential consumer base with opt-in opportunities, pop-up boxes, or consumer surveys at your brick-and-mortar POS. Offer discounts or access to free protected information in exchange for your client’s email information to entice potential customers. Utilize the broad popularity of social media to invite members to join your list.

• Use targeted customization

While you are interacting with your potential client, use account enrollment, or other survey-based interaction to learn more about your customer base. Keep track of demographic differences to maximize the effectiveness of your message. Retired men generally respond to conservative messages whereas sorority members may enjoy more exciting design. Make each message relevant to its intended reader to not only increase your chance at a favorable response, but minimize the chance that your email address is blocked as spam for future communications.

• Embed links or videos

Short videos give you an opportunity to show your message, rather than just say it. Links to more information or other products or services allow your client’s to engage and explore your product. More interaction with your message and product will increase the likelihood your browser will become a buyer.

• Consider geographic targeting

Rather than using gender or purchasing habits to create targeted messages, consider using common geographic features to create a sense of familiarity between you and your client. Landmarks, events, or common community causes create a bond between potential clients and vendors. Remember to keep it positive, and identify a shared commonality to create a sense of trust with your reader.

• Take advantage of lead acceleration

New applications can target messages to clients based on buying history, geographic location, and demographic information, and from information collected from multiple sources. Consider exploring available services to maximize your ability to target your clients effectively.

With these tips, you can make your message literally one in a billion. And get one click closer to a return as broad as the internet.